Tip of the Week #09 - Make your emails more efficient, while also avoiding trouble.

Tip of the Week #09 - Make your emails more efficient, while also avoiding trouble.

One of the things that email marketers hate the most has to be email addresses that serve no purpose, either because the subscriber is not responsive at all, or because the address itself is invalid.In any case, both these factors are a setback to your marketing effort, rendering it inefficient.

Another major problem that most marketers face is that of unsubscribes, which happens when people are not interested in the sender's emails, causing the number of subscribers to steadily dwindle.

One the other hand, excellent open rates and click rates are two of the best friends any marketer can have—proof that the email campaigns you send are both engaging and well received.

So here's the tip of this week that helps you minimise unsubscribes , bounces and spam traps, while ensuring higher open and click rates:

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