Tip of the week 23 - Delivering personalized emails this holiday season

Tip of the week 23 - Delivering personalized emails this holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching and it's not surprising if you find yourself too overwhelmed with all the planning. Emails, offers, promotions—there are enough things in your list to keep you busy to attract your audience this season and close more deals. 

We're here to help you make the most of your holiday email marketing efforts. What's the first and foremost thing you need to do to reach out to many customers? It's sending personalized, relevant emails in such a way that your emails are tailor-made for each of your customers. But, in a world where most of the people still believe personalization lies in addressing by names, it's important for you to stand out as a smart marketer—someone who refers to relevance as the ideal personalization. Make email 'relevancy' your powerful tool for targeting all your revenue-driving customers during these holidays.

So, why do you need to send hyper-relevant emails?

- To give enough reasons for your customers to think they've chosen the right brand.

- To come out as a unique brand that puts customers' interests first.

- To help customers get what they want during this holiday time.

- To boost your own revenue, after all, with sales closing in droves. 

How to send hyper-relevant emails?

You could just send one email at a time to multiple people—the trick lies in customizing it differently for every person who receives the email. So, here's this week's tip on how to deliver personalized holiday emails:

Bonus: Zoho Campaigns comes to you with an easy-to-use feature called 'Dynamic Content.' Using this, you can just send a single email to hundreds of subscribers, but in a way that completely suits each of them.
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