Tips of the week #12 - The importance of design in your marketing campaigns

Tips of the week #12 - The importance of design in your marketing campaigns

Have you ever thought what makes for a good email marketing campaign? A high-quality content, good email deliverability, well-segmented list, responsive template—all of these count, but your campaign isn't going to be a hit if you miss out on the email design. 

Design plays a pivotal role in the personalization of your email campaign, because it catches the readers' eyes even before they take a look at the content. Yes, the first impression is what it is all about. 

Here are two of the most important elements you should bear in mind while designing your email campaign—the color and the call-to-action (CTA).

Choose the appropriate color for your email campaign - Picking visible colors from the spectrum to fill your newsletter space doesn't make it work. Since colors have a deeper connection with people's emotions, make sure you use colors that reflect the intention of your email. 

When color experiences can't be generalized, it's always a good idea to follow consistency. For example, 
  • Yellow and Green are warm and pleasing colors that evoke a happy feeling. You can use them while sending out offers and deals.
  • Blue is a mood-boosting color and it appeals to a wide range of people. If your newsletter is not targeted on a specific occasion or season, then blue is a good choice. 

Use eye-catching CTAs - Good CTAs is the key to build your brand awareness, resulting in more engagement.
  • Always make sure your CTAs are rightly placed and compelling enough for the readers to take action. For example, CTAs that say Start My Free Trial, Join Now, or Shop Now are more likely to get clicked than the ones that just say Register or Submit.
  • Use colors that contrast with the rest of your email design. In general, bold colors make your CTAs stand out. A lot of studies have shown that Blue is a popular and favorite color that drives more click rates.
That said, here's a tip for this week on email design.