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            Tip of the week #04 - Know about your recipients' 'prime open time.'

            In today's market, the importance of customer behavior is astounding, with a vast amount of research and resources going into finding how customers make decisions. The process of persuading your customers to open your email and click on your call-to-action becomes easy when you understand thepsychology behind their behavioral traits. Time to turn into a psychologist!

            Let's get to the basics—you want your emails to resonate well with your recipients. So, what's the primary thing involved here? It's sending your emails at a time your recipients will take notice of. Emails that are sent too early or well beyond the so-called 'prime time of open' never see the limelight in your recipients' inboxes. To make your email that 'one-of-a-kind,' all you need is to know when to schedule the email so that your recipients won't miss to hear it out from you. 

            For this week, here's the tip based on a simple psychological principle, to help you work around your customers' behavior and achieve better email engagement.

            P.S. Start applying this principle even for your email content—periodically send your recipients the information they are interested in so that they develop the trust in your brand.


            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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