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            Tip of the week #06 - Use vCards to improve email deliverability

            These days, people are inundated with emails from across brands, and in fact, they get overwhelmed by the sheer number of unread emails in their mailboxes. As a brand that's practicing inbound marketing, you definitely wouldn't want your emails to get buried in your subscriber's cluttered inbox or go unnoticed in their spam folder. 

            One of the best ways to handle this would be, to ask your subscribers to add you to their address books. Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletters/service, as a first step you either take them to a 'thank you' page or send them a 'welcome' email. It is a good practice to explicitly leave a 'please add us to your address book' message there.  

            If your subscribers add you to their address books, it means they trust your brand and look forward to receiving emails from you. Not just that, doing this will help improve your deliverability rates as well. You read it right—"deliverability rates"!

            Read this week's tip to know an easier and more automated way to ask your subscribers to mark you as a safe sender. 

            Now wondering how to add vCards to your emails?  

            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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