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            Tip of the week #07 - Determine the best frequency for email marketing

            As a marketer, you might always want to share interesting news with your subscribers and what better channel to engage than with emails?

            You would have put in a lot of efforts creating valuable and engaging email content, but all of that will go fruitless when you overwhelm your subscribers with those emails.You might end up having unimaginable unsubscribes, complaints, and deliverability issues. On the other hand, if you send too less, your subscribers might hardly recognize your brand leading to poor brand reputation.

            So, how often should you be emailing your subscribers is as vital as what you send in the email, and finding the ideal email frequency for your marketing emails is the right solution for this. To do this, we recommend that you regularly analyze the recipients' engagement level with your previous emails. This would help you optimize your send frequency.

            We have got you an email marketing tip for this week that will help you stay front of mind with your customers. 

            Manage your emailing frequency right away with Zoho Campaigns' Email Limits feature. 

            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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