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            Tip of the week #08 - Deliver rewarding emails to your subscribers

            If you're an email marketer, it's not wrong to think that every email of yours should resonate with your subscribers. But again, it's absolutely not right to think so, when such emails aren't actionable and noteworthy. Since most of your subscribers look out for connecting with you, it's your responsibility as an email marketer, to send them quality information that'll enhance their marketing skills.

            What makes an email start that initial conversation with a subscriber or build that reliability with a customer? The fact that it gives them a reason to notice and offers something for them to reflect on. 

            Your emails should enrich your subscribers and help them be in-the-know of all the latest trends and updates. When your emails are designed this way, your subscribers aren't going to think twice before opening these emails and clicking your calls-to-action. 

            Ready to captivate your readers? Here's this week's tip that tells you how to deliver rewarding emails that benefit both you and your audience:

            P.S. The 'Attachments' tool inside the advanced template editor of Zoho Campaigns lets you add files while sending emails. The next time you send an email, don't forget to try this option. 

            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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