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            Tip of the week #10 - Organize your campaigns with a marketing calendar

            The significance of an email marketing plan is paramount. Especially, if you are a brand catering to audience from multiple geographies, it's all the more necessary to stick to your engagement schedules. With multitude of email programs targeted at leads and customers, it's not surprising for a marketer to go berserk. But, it's important to not let up. 

            Email campaigns not just deal with mailing lists and content, but also the schedule times. Let's consider this—A company sends welcome emails to its new users, purchase updates to some existing users, and is ready to set up a marketing event, all in the same month. With so many activities for that month, a proper email marketing strategy is needed for planning on the different emails to be sent.

            Charting down ideas and organizing campaigns are essential things when you work as a team, in order to centrally coordinate everyone and understand the target audience for various emails. Are you an email marketer looking out for a better way to:

            - Get a big picture of all your marketing activities?
            - Easily manage your emails to different targets?
            - Work together as a team?

            Then, here goes this week's tip on how to efficiently keep a track of your email engagement plans, all through the year:

            P.S. The Marketing Calendar feature from Zoho Campaigns helps you organize your email campaigns. Get a quick view of all scheduled/draft campaigns, country-specific holidays, and other important events for every month. You can also set reminders on particular dates so you're well informed in prior. 
            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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