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            Tip of the week #13 - Smart signup forms to comply with the laws

            Marketers are caught in an oft-repeated process of acquiring new subscribers, nurturing them with relevant emails, and converting them into customers. This is the fundamental cycle of email marketing, but with the times changing, it's important to reflect on the basics and make provisions for the changes.

            Email marketing laws are getting stringent and with every new regulation (such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), German Telemedia Act, etc.), comes a set of safe and permitted waysto perform email marketing. 

            As an email marketer, your engagement cycle starts at the step of getting new subscribers. In order to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends, you need to do some self-analysis. 

            - Is my email marketing process smart?
            - Am I collecting genuinely-interested subscribers?
            - Do I have enough data about my subscribers?
            - Do my subscribers trust me?
            - Have I been promptly communicating with my subscribers?

            Well, these are some questions you need to be asking yourself. By enhancing your techniques right at the beginning of your email engagement process, you can look forward to a smoother journey further on.

            Signup form is the most-sough-after tool to generate enthusiastic subscribers and curate their information. If you think using signup forms for collecting subscribers is smart, pause; Think again, for there's something more to it. What sets you apart as a smart email marketer is how you make this process a transparent and a credible one. 

            So, here's a shout-out to the wannabe smart marketers! Read the following tip that helps you not onlycollect the target subscribers but also build a bridge of trust between you and them. (That's smart email marketing for you!)

            Aishwarya Ashok

            P.S. Zoho Campaigns gives you a wide range of customizable signup forms that you can use for generating subscribers. Our forms come with a confidentiality note and give you the facility to add your brand's information so that your subscribers are aware of what they're agreeing to, while giving their information. 

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            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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