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            Tip of the week #17 - Folders, analytics, and everything favorite.

            When you have a single email marketing account for an entire organization, different teams send email campaigns for different purposes and leave your account all cluttered. Now if you want to measure the outcome of your efforts, you have to keep searching for your campaigns all day. That's when folders come to your rescue, it helps you keep your Campaigns account clean. 

            You can group campaigns, autoresponders, mailing list, or even your templates into folders to easily locate and use them whenever needed. And the purpose of a folder isn't restricted to just organizing stuffs; every folder comes with a report that tells you how your campaigns/workflows are performing, which subject lines have worked for you in the past, and so on.

            In addition to folders, you also can use favorites to organize your account. When you want to quickly access pages you frequently visit, there's nothing like bookmarking them. You can mark pages as favorites (bookmark in Campaigns) for a quick revisit. 

            Updated: 25 Jun 2018 09:16 PM
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