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            Tip of week #14 Build sender reputation with List Description

            Email remains the standard channel of communication regardless of the evolution of marketing concepts. Taking into consideration a lot of email spamming and data protection laws, it's important to maintain transparency in your email marketing campaigns. Creating this element of transparency is not just to stick to these regulations but to essentially earn sender reputation and trust. Also, by meeting such simple factors, you get your subscribers to engage more with your brand.

            As far as email communication is concerned, the email footer is where all the privacy elements are given. One of the critical things we often overlook to include in the footer would be the list description. List description is one effective way to let your subscribers know why they are receiving this particular email. 

            Subscribers sign up to tons of newsletters everyday and it's hard for them to remember when and what they subscribed to. Assume you have a mailing list of the attendees from your recent event and you want to send out emails about the future happenings in your brand, say Zylker. Including the list description in your email footer would help them recognize why they got added to your mailing list. Here, you could add a note that says, "You're receiving this email because you participated in the Zylker event".

            Below are some tips to keep in mind while adding your list description.
            • List description may differ for each mailing list so we advice you to add the most relevant message for each list. Here are a few examples,
              1. You're receiving this email because you signed up to Zylker blogs.
              2. You're receiving this email because you showed your interest in the recent Zylker webinar. 
            • Do not use a font that's too small to read as the list description might lose its effectiveness.

            That said, here's a tip for this week on the importance of list description in your emails.


            Updated: 15 May 2018 06:57 AM
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